WiFi Survey WiFi Mapping Tool

Project Description

WiFi Survey is a Universal Windows 10 APP and a WiFi Tool extension as well.

You can visualize and optimze your WiFi coverage in an easy to use way.

Project Details

  • shows Wi-Fi coverage on a map
  • WiFi Tool integration
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • full Continuum support
  • backup, restore and share on OneDrive
  • supports 2.4gHz and 5gHz networks
  • Map image import
  • Layout creation (U.S. Units or Metric System)
  • Image export (up to 3000 x 3000 Pixel)

Layout creation

Create your own layout easily. Add elements to the map and move, resize or rotate them.

Map Image import

Import your existing map image and start to scan immediately.

3D View

The 3D View is touchfriendly, rotate and zoom it to see your project from a different angle.

Live Thumbnails

Live Thumbnails lets you easily find the project you want.

Mobile Scanning

Create projects on your PC/Continuum and use your Smartphone to walk around and scan.

Project Selection

Select from available projects or import one from OneDrive.

OneDrive Backup / Restore

Backup, Restore or Share your complete workspace on OneDrive.


  • Fully featured mobile version
  • save projects on OneDrive or local file system
  • import projects from OneDrive or local file system
  • backup all projects on OneDrive or local file system
  • restore all projects from OneDrive or local file system
  • mobile scanning
  • view WiFi coverage
  • use Continuum to create or edit projects.