WiFi Live Tile Pro Keep an eye on your WiFi connection.

Project Description

WiFi Live Tile is a Universal Windows 10 APP and a WiFi Tool extension as well.

Keep an eye on your WiFi connection, directly on your startscreen.

Project Details

  • thousands of Live Tile combinations
  • +500k Downloads on WP7/8
  • new Windows 10 UWP Version
  • WiFi Tool integration
  • Notifications on connect or disconnect
  • Live Tile WiFi switch
  • Live Tile WiFi settings shortcut

for PC's, Tablets, Smartphones and Surface Hub

Lots of Tiles

Create the Tile you want.

Live Preview

Live Tile preview and connection overview.

Live Tile WiFi switch

Turn WiFi on or off just by clicking on the tile.

Tile Icons

Static, signal strength or connectivity state icons.


Turn Live Tile on/off or change Live Tile settings.


Change APP theme and APP language, set up system notification options or create a Live Tile shortcut.


Stay connected and share with your friends.


Easy to use Tile settings.

Tile texts

Change Tile header and footer, select the information you need.


Change Tile foreground and background color.

Static Icons

Use static WiFI icons.

Signal Strength

Shows current WiFi signal strength on Live Tile.


Icons based on connectivity state. Internet access, local access, constrained access and offline.