Analyzer analyze channel mapping or channel interference and view signal history


visualize channel mapping


view signal history


time based channel interference analysis

switch Analyzer mode

switch between Channel, Signal and Interference mode.

change view settings

change color and display setings

pause / start scanning

pause and start the scan process by clicking the pause / play icon. APP remembers the state.

filter APs by charateristics

open the filter settings and select the options you need. APP remembers these settings.

Network filter (works only for channel or signal mode)

select the networks you want to display

selected network is highlighted with a dotted line

connected network is blue

co channel networks are yellow

overlapping networks are red

all others networks are gray

Channel mode settings settings only for Channel mode

AP Tags

choose between SSID, MAC and Signal strength


select trapez or arc view, with or without channel lines.

Interference mode time based channel interference analysis

reset Analysis

start a new interference analysis

A new way to find the best channel for your own router.

This analysis shows the interference of a channel in relation to the other channels, calculated with the combined data of each AP found on every scan cycle. The average signal strength from each AP, its co-channels and overlapping channels.

You can run the analysis for minutes, hours or the whole day if you want.

The longer you scan, the more exact the result will be.

How it works:

Put your device in the middle of the room, or where your own router is located, and start the analysis.


start the analysis and put the device for X minutes in each corner of the room.


start the analysis and put the device for X minutes in each room where you want to use your WLAN network.


Turn off your own router before you start the analysis.

Square view

Arc view